Photograph Archiving

Are your digital pictures important to you? “Yes,” you say while you roll your eyes. Of course they are. Have you planned for the day that your hard drive dies? “No,” you say while looking slightly guilty. Well it’s not like this is easy unless you’re willing to put some money down. If your pictures are important, though, it’s probably time to put some money down.

Here’s a post by someone who’s saving all their pictures to Dropbox. Dropbox uploads everything in the “Dropbox” folder to your private Dropbox account. So the pictures are on your computer, but they’re also secure in the cloud. And Dropbox now recognizes when you’ve plugged a camera (including a smartphone) into your computer and can be set to copy those images to your Dropbox folder automatically.

$99 a year for 100GB of space sounds pretty good for something this important.

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